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Baglioni Hotels & Resorts, an icon of Made in Italy luxury hospitality, launches the new brand campaign aimed at enhancing style, elegance, Italian taste and innovation in their most authentic form. To do so, it has decided to renew all its Penthouses and to expand its portfolio with the opening of the Maldives Resort.


"Enjoy IT, Experience IT, Savour IT" underlines Italian elegance, spirit and attitude with this touch of modernity given by "IT" which speaks of Italy but which also has a digital flavor.


An international sales network with over 200 top clients to discover the chain's novelties. 


This need leads Baglioni Hotels to choose Insight - Creative & Technology People - to create an innovative solution to make these contents available to people who are far from each other (in an optimization of costs and times) but who represent a great business opportunity for the group.


Insight, through its technological Hub, has involved the best developers in the Virtual reality field with the aim of implementing a scalable project that has made it possible to create the suites of the Hotels in Rome, Venice and Florence in a few months and an immersive experience of coral reefs in the Maldives.

"We are successfully facing a new challenge, positioning ourselves as a leading hotel chain in the development of luxury experiences, associated with our suites and top suites" says Luca Di Persio, CMO Baglioni Hotels Collection

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