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Road Map:

 Content Creation 

 Technology Solutions 

 User Experience 

Better, the betting brand of Lottomatica focuses on technological and product innovation to offer an omnichannel gaming experience both online and offline.


To do this, Lottomatica relies on Insight - Creative & Technology People - with the aim of finding a technological solution that can increase engagement within the store and increase the functionality of the App “Better”.


Insight has developed the first Augmented Reality project for the betting world, through a tool integrated with the app that allows your smartphone or tablet to frame the materials inside the store (e.g. posters) and instantly obtain updated information on the latest bets, promotions and live schedules of the day.

"We are testing this functionality which obviously has many potential applications within a store to convey information and content in an easy and immediate way". - says Alessandro Fiumara, senior director of Better (Agimed 018).

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