Education & Future Envision 

Road Map:

 Creative Concept 

 Content Creation 

 Customer Journey Analysis 

 Tecnology Solutions 

 Social Insight 

 Event Management 

Luxottica, the world leader in eyewear, relies on Insight - Creative & Technology People - to implement a format capable of educating their top clients towards digital transformation and the evolution of the purchasing behavior of the new generations (manily millennials and GenZ).


In line with its mission, Luxottica has built its business by investing in research and innovation looking for solutions capable of offering new benefits and breaking the mould. Embark on the digital revolution and embrace the future of the eyewear sector: this is the goal and the path that leads the Agordo company to always be one step ahead of the others.


Our agency has created a special concept to meet and educate the Top Clients of the luxury portfolio in the main Italian cities (Milan, Rome and Naples). 


A journey through brands, with a window on the world of technological innovation, analysis of the Customer Journey ending with a focus on the use and potential of social networks for your business.

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