New Campaign Launch 

Road Map:

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 Storytelling Presentation 

 Graphic & Design 

 Technology Solutions 

 Event Management 

With 100 years of history behind it, Persol - leader of made in Italy eyewear - is synonymous with refined materials and craftsmanship, but is also a brand that lives and breathes the present. 


In the hectic era in which we are, Persol takes a break of sophisticated irony by inaugurating a new communication platform: Good Point, Well Made.


The brand's new campaign marks the beginning of a "new era" that invites you to take a journey beyond conventions. The eclectic cast of protagonists is united by an independent spirit. Confident about themselves and their place in the world, the subjects of the shots are not afraid to question the perceived reality, cliché after cliché.


Thanks to the new image launched by the international advertising campaign, the millennial generation is now added to the vast audience of admirers, who appreciates the brand for the inimitable mix of timeless elegance and the contemporary nature of its sunglasses and eyeglasses.


For the global pre-view of the campaign and of the activities supporting the markets, Persol relies on Insight - Creative & Technology People - for the realization of the launch event, co designing content for the presentation, and experimenting with technological solutions very close to the target audience (millennials). 


The multifunctional and immersive location allowed the event to be experienced in a completely digital and innovative key.

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