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 Social Insight 

Luxottica, the world leader in eyewear, relies on Insight - Creative & Technology People - to implement a digital tool capable of simultaneously managing the social pages of their main customers (+250pos)


In line with its mission, Luxottica has built its business by investing in research and innovation looking for solutions capable of offering new benefits and breaking the mould. Embark on the digital revolution and embrace the future of the eyewear sector: this is the goal and the path that leads the Agordo company to always be one step ahead of the others.


Our agency has developed a tool capable of simultaneously managing multiple points of sale by managing and centralizing the publication of contents on the main social networks (Instagram and Facebook), achieving the following objectives:


  • Maximize brand awareness by publishing high quality content; 

  • Make the image of the points of sale coherent, effective and unique; 

  • Constant user engagement based on a shared editorial plan; 

  • Attainment of new prospects through precise targeting.

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