New Campaign

 & Omnichannel Strategy 

Road Map:

 New Concept Campaign 

 Production (Photo & Video) 

 Content Creation 

 Graphic & Design 

 Social Strategy (on-line) 

 Outdoor Strategy (off-line) 

Mytaxi, the leading app for taxi calls in Europe, aims to create a campaign that can bring customers and taxi drivers closer together, without forgetting to give the new technological supports a human face. Not just smartphones and digital payments, therefore, but real people, with their own stories and ideals.


Mytaxi relies on Insight - Creative & Technology People - for the conception of the new campaign and the creation of the omnichannel strategy capable of combining online and offline. 


Our agency has created the campaign "MYTAXI SIAMO NOI" with the aim of always putting people at the center, be they customers, to whom it intends to offer a high quality and up to date service, or taxi drivers, to whom it provides an innovative tool that can support them daily in their job.

"a communication campaign dedicated to the real protagonists, who every day help our app become bigger". declares Barbara Covilli - GM of Mytaxi Italia - "It is important, especially for the new generations, to transmit this message, to make it clear that even in technology, the human factor remains fundamental ”.

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