Event Launch IQOS 3 

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Rethinking tradition, shaping it around the present to transform it into innovation. This is the imperative of the times and this was the theme of the launch event of the new IQOS 3, the latest version of Philip Morris smoke free device. 


No surprise, therefore, that the creations of one of the greatest innovators of Italian cuisine: Massimo Bottura, opened the soirée at the Teatro Vetra in Milan.


The event then continued with another interpreter of change, as well as the protagonist of that acid jazz that revolutionized jazz in the nineties by mixing it with soul and funk: Jason "Jay" Kay, aka Jamiroquai.


Philip Morris relied on Insight - Creative & Technology People - for the realization of all technological engagement activities, characterized by interactive digital totems that could increase the virality of the event and could give that technological artistic touch that characterizes the product.


During the whole evening, guests were able to try the new IQOS 3, characterized by an even more ergonomic and compact design, as well as a new magnetic closure mode and a shorter charging time for the holder.

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