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On the 9th of January 2020, the Lazio sports club turned 120 years old and wanted to let its guests experience their story in a completely different way.


S.S. Lazio relies on Insight Creative & Technology People for the conception of an immersive show with the aim of creating an exclusive and emotional experience that tells the story of the club through the voices of its greatest protagonists - From the legend of the first championship in 1974 up to the Super Cup won in Ryad less than a month ago - inside a 360 ° Immersive Room which made fans become the protagonists of the story.


Highlights of their story: the miraculous salvation in Serie B, the rebirth, the championship and the Cups at the end of the millennium, the Cragnotti epic and the Lotito era. Triumphs, failures, pain, liberation, pride, a sense of belonging. 

These are the keywords of 120 years of history that S.S. Lazio wanted to tell.

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